Clean Smiles Dental  Hygiene Practice
of Claire Fleckles
and Vicki Harris


•    Dental Cleanings
•    Scaling/Root planing “Deep Cleaning”
•    Oral Assessments
•    Periodontal Assessments
•    Individualized treatment Planning
•    Fluoride Application
•    Oral Cancer Screening
•    Sealants
•    Teeth Whitening (in house)

•    Extractions
•    Filings/Crowns
•    Root Canal Therapy
•    Dentures
•    Orthodontia

Q: What is the difference between a cleaning and a deep cleaning?
A: Prophylaxis (regular cleaning) is only for people who do not exhibit any signs and symptoms of periodontal disease, including bone loss, bleeding, mobility, exudate and recession.

A deep cleaning or scaling/root planing is a procedure involving instrumentation of the root surfaces of the teeth that is rough, and/or permeated by calculus or contaminated with toxins or microorganisms.  This procedure also includes power scaling (with ultrasonic scaler) to debride the depths of periodontally involved pockets.
Q:  Why has it been suggested for me to have cleanings every 3-4 months?
A:  Periodontal disease is not easy to control.  It takes a lot of hard work for both the patient and clinician.  Good home care is key and we will show you the tools and knowledge needed to do this.  As dental disease is controlled and we see improvement is your tissues, we will allow longer spans between visits as we see fit.  Our goal is to get your teeth and gums healthy!!

Q:  Do you take insurance?  
A:  Yes we do.  We will verify your benefits when we get additional information and as a courtesty, we will bill for you.  WE ACCEPT PAYMENT AT TIME OF SERVICE.