Clean Smiles Dental  Hygiene Practice
of Claire Fleckles
and Vicki Harris

Questions and Answers

It has been our dream to have a dental hygiene practice for many years.  We have always been motivated to be able to provide all the services in our scope of practice to the community. We believe that the preventative oral health care should be affordable and accessible to everyone and we want to help provide this to you.  

Q:   What are the benefits to coming to see Clean Smiles Dental Hygiene Practice vs. a typical dental office?

RDHAPs are professional providers
Little or no wait for an appointment
We have a spa-like atmosphere.
THE COST (we strive to make our fees more affordable)

Q: What if I do not have a dentist?

A: Everyone needs to see a dentist periodically.  If you do not have a dentist we can refer you to a local, convenient dentist.